The Unknown TV show
About Us
This is a trailer for a tv show we made!
If it's a commercial, movie trailer, TV Show or a film you need created, we're all over it! We love being creative, using high quality and putting the cinematic touch in anything we do! Let's say you want a commercial that stands out like a Hollywood movie trailer or a web video that captures tons of attention, we can help work with you and bring your project to life! Watch our demo or tv show trailer to see how many cool things we have already done to give you an idea of what we could do for your project!
Drones are taking over the skies! But this isn't a bad thing! We are now able to get amazing views that we could only get spending tons of money back in the day. Now we can scout the skies for any project without having to spend big bucks or disturb the surrounding area like when using helicopters. We are able to get amazing video/pictures from the skies with our drone technology. We use only the best equipment when doing an aerial project and work hard to make sure we get what your looking for. Be it real estate aerial pictures or video, epic cinematic movie shots, following a car for a commercial or just a few simple shots to help give your project a push, we can do it with our drone ability. Lets take your project to the skies and stun the audience with breathtaking views using resolutions of up to 4k!
Special Effects
You may have a commercial that needs some special magic. A film that needs some CGI. A project that requires some title graphics or logo animation. We understand how hard it is to find high quality effects at an affordable price. We are here to listen to your project needs and work with you to help make your project stand out! We can help! We have an understanding of how Hollywood special effects work. From stunt/green screen scenarios to full blown matte paintings of mountains added to an aerial stock shot, we can do it and we can do it well! Special effects take time. The true beauty lies in the small details that sometimes go unnoticed. Lets talk about your project and see how we can help bring it to life. Be it video enhancement or Hollywood CGI we are up for the challenge!
Lets say you have a special event your hosting. Maybe its a business party, live concert, competition, press conference, political event or you just need something documented. We can do this with the highest quality and best affordable pricing. Let us cover your event and capture those moments that matter most to you in stunning quality! We can give you all of the footage to keep or just give you the edited version. We can discuss what works best for your event. When you choose us, our job is to make it easy for you to cover all of your bases and get quality coverage of your event without any stress or worry. We are quick and professional. Send us a message and lets talk!